Unani hospital

About Us

Al Hakeem Unani Medicare Center is an excellent place for treatment of various diseases through Unani Medicine which is an Indian Government recognized traditional medical system. This center is the vision of top Indian scholars and renowned Unani physicians aimed to provide state of the art, safe and quality health care services.

Vision and Mission:

  • To provide State-of- the-Art quality healthcare services through standard quality Unani medicines and procedures
  • To afford treatment by highly qualified panel of registered and experienced physicians
  • To consider utmost Safety of the patients using authentic and scientific Unani therapies with a broad vision of safe individual to safe humankind
  • To struggle for prevention and control of life style diseases
  • To alleviate the patients' ailments as early as possible with best possible treatment
  • Instead mere palliation of symptoms, offering Cure to the disease
  • To impart in education, research and development of Unani medical system continuously
  • To integrate the knowledge of different pathies (systems of medicine) wherever necessary
  • To serve the humanity with best efforts minimizing burden of disease