regimenal therapy

Regimenal Therapy (Ilaj Bit Tadbeer)

Regimenal therapy (Ilaj Bit Tadbeer), practiced by ancient Unani scholars since antiquity is somewhat similar to Panchkarma in Ayurveda. These are special techniques or physical methods of treatment to improve the constitution of the body by removing waste materials and improving the defence mechanism of the body. We offer following regimenal therapies in the center;

1. Hijama (Cupping therapy)

cupping therapy

It is a simple Unani surgical procedure in which cups are applied at selected sites of the body with negative pressure and morbid blood is drawn by minor cuts made on the surface of the skin. It is extremely useful for many diseases like a pain in back & joints, headache, hypertension, skin diseases, hyperlipidemia etc. It helps to detoxify the body and improve the immunity power.

The procedure of Hijama is of two types;

  • Bish Shart (Wet cupping)
  • Bila Shart (Dry Cupping)
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2. Fasd (Venesection)


It is a very old treatment method practiced by Unani Physicians in which waste blood and toxins are evacuated by an incision on the desired vein. It is helpful for acute diseases, infections, for instant relief in certain painful conditions and for many chronic diseases.

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3. Irsale alaq (Leech therapy)

leech therapy

Medicinal leeches are gifted with natural healing properties by God. It has been used for a long time in the history by Unani physicians. These are very effective in skin disease like a varicose vein, eczema, ulcers, wounds and joint pains etc. We follow strict ethical sterilization techniques in storing leeches and during procedure. Leeches have modified jaw for firm attachment and release natural analgesic, anesthetic and anticoagulant substances found in their saliva. These help in painless attachment on the body for long time and removal of more waste blood easily. After sufficient sucking leech detaches itself. One leech can be used to one patient only. Research shows it magical effect even in those conditions which do not respond to any other treatment like non-healing wounds, plastic surgeries and indications mentioned above.

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4. Dalk (Massage Therapy)

massage therapy

Massage therapy is a natural method of treatment and a part of Ilaj bit tadbeer in Unani medicine. It is useful for many diseases e.g. paralysis, rediculopathy, neuropathy, spacticity, joint pain, weakness of any part. Different types of massage are specific for different diseases based on type of stroke, pressure applied, direction of moving hands and oils used for massage

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5. Hammam (Steam bath)

steam bath

Hammam is ancient Unani therapy widely practiced and supervised by governments in the past for well being of the general public. It acts as a detoxification procedure, rejuvenates the body used for many chronic metabolic, skin, musculoskeletal and neurological diseases. Most of the time it is combined with the Massage to get maximum benefits.

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6. NATOOL (Shirodhara / Irrigation)

Shirodhara Treatment

It is a classical method of treatment in which oil, medicated water or decoction is irrigated on the specific part of the body from a specific height. It is useful for insomnia, a headache, joint pain & stiffness, neurological ailments like paralysis etc. Nutool may be Haar (hot) or Barid (cold). It is used for normalization of Mizaj, improvement in blood circulation and for astringent effect.

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Note:- Home visit and therapy at home may be offered after Physician's advice.
Extra charges are applicable.