Teleconsultation with Unani Doctors at Al Hakeem Unani Medicare Center

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In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining social distancing is the need of the hour. At Al Hakeem Unani Medicare Center, we remain committed to providing Unani healthcare solutions to people who are finding it difficult to reach the hospital.

Your well-being is our priority, and we don’t want you taking chances with your health. Keeping in mind the current scenario, we have started Teleconsultation Services to help you and your loved ones get proper care from the safety of your home.

Delaying your visit to the doctor can lead to worsening of health. Hence, we are offering Teleconsultation to those in need so they can get the necessary treatment on time, anytime, and anywhere.

Whether you need to address an acute medical condition or follow-up for a chronic illness, our qualified teleconsultation doctors can get to the root of your health problems and offer personalized treatment plans to help alleviate your issues.

How to Book a Teleconsultation Appointment?

Follow these steps to do a tele-consultation:

  • Step1: Click on above Book Appointment button or CLICK HERE
  • Step 2: Select the doctor with whom you would like to initiate the tele-consultation
  • Step 3: Choose a suitable date and time from the available slots for the selected doctor
  • Step 4: Enter patient details and medical consent to proceed
  • Step 5: Complete the payment and you will receive the confirmation message/email with the consultation link
  • Step 6: Click on the link to join the tele-consultation on the day of the consultation.

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Why Choose Online Teleconsultation with us?

Here’s why you should choose our teleconsultation services:
  • Easy and Simple Appointment Booking.
  • Qualified Teleconsultation Doctor.
  • Skip Long Queues and Avoid Crowded Waiting Rooms.
  • Appointment Reminders.
  • Interactive Teleconsultation Session.
  • Ability to Upload Medical Reports and Images during Teleconsultation.
  • Get Prescription Online.
  • Save Time and Money.
Through teleconsultation services, we are making quality medical care accessible to you at your comfort and convenience.
Book your Teleconsultation appointment with our qualified Unani doctors for all your health issues.

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What is a tele-consultation appointment?

Tele-consultation appointment is similar to physical consultation appointment with the benefit of consulting at the comfort of your home. This is achieved through video calling or the audio calling facility within your phone or computer.

What if I am unable to attend a scheduled teleconsultation?

If you are unable to attend a scheduled tele-consultation, we recommend you inform the hospital help desk before the consultation by calling on the number provided in the tele-consultation booking page. They will help reschedule the appointment based on your convenience.
However, if you have missed a scheduled tele-consultation, please call the hospital help desk for further assistance. Please note, we have multi-channel (SMS, WhatsApp, Email) reminders to ensure you do not miss your tele-consultation appointment.

How will a patient talk to the doctor?

  • Once you complete the payment, you will receive the confirmation message with the link to join the tele-consultation.
  • If you are connecting via mobile, you can download the BestDoc Connect App from this link. ( Now click on the link with the room ID to join the tele-consultation through the app. Ensure your 4G network or Wifi connection has a network speed of at least 1 Mbps.
  • If you are connecting via laptop/computer, you can open the link with the room ID directly in Chrome browser. Ensure your 4G network or Wifi connection has a network speed of at least 1 Mbps.
  • You will be prompted to give permission to use the mic and camera of the device. Wait for the doctor to join the call if the doctor is not present. Once the doctor joins the call, you will be able to talk to the doctor face to face. You also have the option to upload previous reports and prescriptions to make the consultation much more seamless.

From where can I view/download the prescription?

  • Once the consultation is over, the doctor will write and send the prescription to you. There are multiple ways to view or download the prescription.
  • Method 1: You will get an SMS with the link to view and download the prescription. Apart from this, you will also get an email with the prescription in PDF format.
  • Method 2: Another way is to visit this link ( and provide your phone number. You will be redirected to the prescription page from which you can view or download the prescription.

Prerequisite material for video consultation?

  • You can use your smartphone or your laptop with a webcam and microphone capability to join the teleconsultation.
  • We recommend a 4G connection on the smartphone or at least 1 Mbps WiFi connection for the laptop/smartphone

Following are the requirements for video consultation

  • Smartphone or laptop with a webcam and microphone capability
  • WiFi or 4G enabled network (minimum speed of 1 Mbps)
  • BestDoc Connect App for smartphones(recommended) and Chrome web browser for laptop

Can I schedule a tele-consultation from outside India?

  • Yes, you can schedule tele-consultation from outside India. However, the prescription validity will vary based on the local laws of the country. The latest Telemedicine Practice Guidelines (25 March,2020) provided by the Medical Council of India does not explicitly restrict consultations outside the jurisdiction of India.