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Al-Hakeem Unani Medicare Center

Al Hakeem Unani Medicare Center is an excellent place for treatment of various diseases through UnaniMedicine. This center is the vision of top Indian scholars and renowned Unani physicians aimed toprovide state of the art, safe and quality health care services. Unani medical system is an importantelement of traditional AYUSH medicine which is recognized and governed by Ministry of AYUSH,Government of India.

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Unani Medicine

Regimenal therapy (Ilaj Bit Tadbeer)

Cupping Therapy


Cupping Therapy

Hijama is a simple surgical procedure in which cups are applied at selected sites of the body with negative pressure and morbid blood is drawn out by minor cuts made on the surface of skin.
The first historical evidence of this medical treatment was found in a medical report from Mesopotamia as early as 3000 B.C. Hippocrates, father of medicine (400 B.C) gave complete instructions on cupping Therapy.
Cupping therapy is still alive after thousands years of development, perfection and improvement in medicine. Several research studies showed the scientific basis of hijama and mechanism of action as well. Since the field of application of cupping is wide, its efficacy is good, its cost is low, without any/minimal side effects, it is popular worldwide in all socio economic groups and all cultures. Even the Olympians and celebrities are now enjoying its benefits.

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Fasd is a type of detoxification procedure in which excess blood/ waste blood and toxins are evacuated by an incision on desired superficial vein maintaining a balance in the bodyhumours.

It is very old treatment method having been practiced from very ancient times by peoples including the Egyptians, the Mesopotamians, and the Greeks.Based on clinical evidences, Unani physicians have elaborated how much blood should be removed based on the patient's age, his body constitution, season, weather condition and the place where Fasd has to be performed.

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Leech Therapy

Irsale alaq

Leech Therapy

Medicinal leeches (Alaq) have been used to treat various diseases for centuries. The first documented accounts of the use of leeches for medicinal purpose date back to the time of Greek (Unani) physician Hippocrates (Father of medicine). Medicinal leeches are gifted with natural healing properties by God.About 15 species of leeches (Alaq) are used in medicine, mostly Hirudo medicinalis.
We follow strict ethical sterilization techniques in storing leeches and during procedure. Leeches have modified jaw for firm attachment and releases natural analgesic, anesthetic and anticoagulant substances found in their saliva. These help in painless attachment on the body for long time and removal of more waste blood easily. After sufficient sucking leech detach itself. Research shows it magical effect in those even conditions which do not respond to any other treatment like non healing wounds, plastic surgeries and indications mentioned below.

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Massage Therapy
Regimenal therapy


Massage Therapy

Massage is a group of procedures best done with the hands, such as friction, kneading, rolling and percussion of the external tissues of the body with a curative, palliative or hygienic objective.
The word massage is derived from two sources; one is the Arabic verb mass or masah meaning to touch or to press softly and the other is the greek word massein means to knead.
Different types of massage are specific for different diseases based on type of stroke, pressure applied, direction of moving hands and oils used for massage.

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steam bath


Steam Bath

Hammam is ancient Unani therapy widely practiced and supervised by governments in the past for well-being of general public.
Diaphoretic bath is procedure to induce profuse sweating or perspiration through vaporized heat. Sweating is an essential function that helps the body stay cool. When the body temperature rises, the autonomic nervous system stimulates the sweat glands to secrete fluid onto the surface of the skin. Excessive sweating promotes the excretion of morbid matter from the body and helps in restoring health.
Medicated steam bath has an extra advantage due to effects of medicines used in different diseases.

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shirodhara treatment


Shirodhara / Irrigation

It is a classical Unani method of treatment in which oil, medicated water or herbal decoction is irrigated on specific part of the body from specific height.

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